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LinkedIn is a powerful tool, but it can also seem complex. Our extension is your secret weapon to unlock all its secrets. It offers pro tips and and long-awaited features. Supercharge your Linkedin game, maximize your visibility and expand your network!

Personnalized feeds

Experience tailored newsfeeds like never before, that showcase only the latest posts from the individuals or company pages you’ve handpicked.

Daily goals

Stay active on LinkedIn without the need for daily posts. Achieve daily objectives like liking and commenting to create authentic connections and increase your visibility.

Writing assistant

Our writing assistant is your go-to tool for crafting flawless LinkedIn posts. It offers guidance on length, common errors, and provides inspiring examples for compelling hook and calls to action.

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6 features that make all the difference

Never lose a post again: auto-save every word

Preview your publication before posting

Format your text: bold, italic, underline…

Daily expert tips and writing assistant

Publication scheduling for all formats: Videos, Images, PDF, Polls, 1st comment.

Data-driven success: monitoring your impact and progress

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Discover the power of our SaaS platform, your LinkedIn command center. Track your audience growth, daily profile views, and post statistics with precision. Access all your drafts, schedule posts, and collaborate seamlessly with your team. Explore valuable advice, templates, and courses from top LinkedIn coaches. Unleash the full potential of your LinkedIn journey with our all-in-one SaaS solution.

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