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Preview your post before posting

Eliminate ‘See More’ Surprises: Preview Your Posts with Precise Layouts. What you see as you write is exactly what you get upon publishing.

How It Works

Tired of being caught off guard by the dreaded ‘See More’ when you post on LinkedIn? With PerfectPost’s innovative preview function, you can bid farewell to the uncertainty. This feature offers you the ability to meticulously craft your posts while keeping a close eye on how they’ll appear to your audience.

Gone are the days of guesswork. We’ve fine-tuned our editor to ensure that what you see while composing your content is exactly how it will be presented once published. No more unexpected line cutoffs, no more missing context. The proportions, formatting, and overall look remain consistent, providing you with a true WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) experience.

This feature empowers you to take control of your LinkedIn presence with confidence. Say hello to posts that look impeccable every time, ensuring that your message is conveyed just the way you intended. With PerfectPost, you’ll have the peace of mind that your content will always be on point, leaving ‘See More’ surprises in the past.

Avoid Cut-offs

Our editor shows you where the “See More” line might appear and adjusts the content to avoid unexpected cut-offs.


What you see while composing your message is what you’ll get upon publishing, ensuring accurate and surprise-free presentation.

Switch PC and Phone

Preview your post on both PC and mobile formats, ensuring optimal presentation across all devices before publishing.

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